Colonoscopy is a procedure used to inspect the large bowel (colon).

In order for your doctor to get the best possible view and make the colonoscopy easier, your large bowel needs to be cleaned out of all waste material.  You will therefore need a preparation kit which contains full instructions. You will need to fast, which means have nothing to eat or drink for six hours before the procedure is done. However, you may have a sip of water with your regular medications. Take your regular medications on the day of the test.

Facts About Colonoscopy
Second Edition 2003


  • How is the bowel prepared?
  • Special considerations
  • Will I be given sedation or anaesthetic?
  • How is colonoscopy done?
  • What is a polyp?
  • What happens after colonoscopy?
  • Safety and risks


Colonoscopy Facts (Adobe Acrobat PDF 176K)

Colonoscopy Instructions (Adobe Acrobat PDF 27K)