Flexible sigmoidoscopy allows inspection of the lining of the rectum, anus and lower part of the colon. It uses a flexible tube with a “video camera” at the tip. The instrument is about 1cm thick.

Your doctor will tell you what preparation is required. Usually there is no need to fast prior to the procedure and a small enema is the only preparation, given just before the procedure. Occasionally your doctor may decide not to use any preparation. If you are receiving sedation for the procedure you will need to have an empty stomach. This will require fasting for 6 hours prior to the procedure. It is unusual to require a full colonic preparation prior to this procedure.

Most medications can be continued as usual. Inform your doctor about medications that you’re taking – particularly blood thinning medications such as Warfarin, aspirin, Plavix or Iscover.



Facts About Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
First Edition 2007


  • What is flexible sigmoidoscopy?
  • What preparation is required?
  • Should I continue my current medications?
  • What can I expect during flexible sigmoidoscopy?
  • What if the flexible sigmoidoscopy finds something abnormal?
  • What happens after a flexible sigmoidoscopy?
  • What are possible complications of flexible sigmoidoscopy?


Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (Adobe Acrobat PDF 70K)