The rectum is the last portion of the large bowel (colon) that ends just before the anus. Bleeding from this area may result in the appearance of blood in your stools. Despite the name “rectal bleeding”, blood in the stools does not always originate within the rectum. The source of the bleed could be anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract (even as far up as your stomach). If you notice any signs of rectal bleeding, please see your doctor.

Facts About Rectal Bleeding
First Edition 2006


  • What is Rectal Bleeding?
  • Where does the blood come from?
  • What should I do if I see blood in my stools?
  • I have noticed blood in my stools. Does this mean I have cancer?
  • Does the amount of blood matter?
  • What will the doctor do?
  • What types of investigations might I need?
  • What other tests are available?
  • How is Rectal Bleeding treated?
  • What if I continue to see blood in my stools even after undergoing treatment?


Facts About Rectal Bleeding is now available to download or read online as an A4 size pdf file.

Rectal Bleeding (Adobe Acrobat PDF 194K)