A common complication of advanced liver disease is the retention of excessive fluid, particularly in the abdomen (called ascites) and in the legs (oedema). Restriction of the intake of salt (sodium chloride) is an extremely important part of the management of people with fluid retention. The typical Australian diet contains around 6 grams of sodium per day. A diet with 2.5 grams of sodium or less is recommended to help control fluid retention. The most effective may to restrict your salt intake is by following a “No Added Salt” diet.

Facts About No Added Salt Diet
First Edition 2007


  • Rationale
  • What is a “No Added Salt” diet?
  • The “No Added Salt” diet


Facts About Dietary Advice for No Added Salt Diet is now available as an A4 size pdf file.

No Added Salt Diet (Adobe Acrobat PDF 72K)