Many people with severe liver disease suffer from malnutrition. Because of fluid retention in the abdomen and lower legs, there may not be much change in overall body weight, however significant loss of weight around the face, upper body, arms and thighs may be obvious.

Protein requirements in people with advanced liver disease are almost double those of a healthy adult. Research has shown that the higher protein requirements are due to a change in the mixture of energy sources used by the body in advanced liver disease.

Facts About High Protein-High Energy Diet
First Edition 2007


  • What is a high protein-high energy diet?
  • How do I follow a high protein-high energy diet?
  • What are some of the barriers to following a high protein-high energy diet?


Facts About Dietary Advice for High Protein-High Energy Diet is now available as an A4 size pdf file.

High Protein – High Energy Diet (Adobe Acrobat PDF 1.5Mb)