Heartburn (or reflux or oesophageal reflux) is very common. Almost everyone has it at some time. It is a feeling of discomfort or burning or even pain felt rising up from the lower chest into the neck. Some people call it indigestion. Heartburn is due to stomach acid rising up into the oesophagus, where it can cause pain and inflammation.

Facts About Heartburn
Third Edition 2007


  • What is heartburn?
  • Does my diet cause heartburn?
  • Do I need any tests?
  • How is reflux treated?
  • Will I need to take medicine forever?
  • Are there surgical options for treating reflux?
  • Key Points


Facts About Heartburn is now available as an A4 size pdf file.

Heartburn & Oesophageal Reflux (Adobe Acrobat PDF 64K)